On the 24th of October 2011 in Qunu, the birth place of Madiba a partnership between the Mandela family and Mr Ishwar Ramlutchman was forged to serve the disadvantaged communities. The Mzotsha orphanage was adopted by both the parties. Playground equipment was installed by Mr Ishwar Ramlutchman, Clothing and toys was handed to the kids. The orphanage is situated in the deep rural area. The coming together of humanitarians will serve the needs of the orphan children. The visit of philanthropist and humanitarian resulted in a sod turning ceremony to erect a building as an extension to the orphanage which would eliviate overcrowding. The sod turning ceremony was performed by Ishwar Ramlutchman and Mrs Gracia Micheal. Later Mr. Ishwar Ramlutchman was entertained at the residence of Madiba with lunch and a meeting with the world’s icon. An autobiography of Swami Sivananda called “Man to God Man” was presented to Madiba together with a Sivananda Peace Pillar Award. Madiba was full of energy and laughter, relaxing reading newspapers. Ramlutchman said that he was really touched once again meeting the living legend of the world. The partnership with the mandela family to build the orphanage is merely an act of God. All thanks go to my Master Swami Sivananda , because without his grace nothing would be possible. We are looking forward in a continued partnership in spreading the spirit of Ubuntu amongst our people. The proposed name to the orphanage is Mandela Sivananda Mzotsha children’s home.