1 OCTOBER 2010


Programme Director, Mrs Eswari Ramlutchman

Prince MG Buthelezi

World President of the Divine Life Society, Swami Vimlananda

Mr.Ishwar Ramlutchman

Deputy Mayor of the City of Ethekweni, Cllr. Logie Naidoo

Chairman of the Ganesha Temple, Mr Dennis Govender

I am delighted that you have undertaken to highlight the greatness of His Holiness, Sri Swami Sivananda and Sri Swami Sahajananda by installing the Sivananda Pillars across our country. His Holinesses has been a towering oak tree to us all, under whose branches we had found shelter.

Swami has been a very profound and devoted servant of the God Almighty. I am grateful to my son Ishwar for having facilitated my meetings with Swamiji. The Zulu monarch is indeed appreciative of your participation in promoting cultural values for the past decade .

We Salute Sri Swami Sivananda for having the vision to serve mankind in all spheres of life. The concept of unity in diversity is a strong principle which is being promoted amongst our people. Our multicultural and multi-religious community must flourish and aim towards unity as one nation. Devastated as we are by Swami’s passing, today should be a moment for us to celebrate a great and true divine being. We have been indeed Blessed to have met the late Swami. I truely believe that Swami Sahajananda was indeed one of the greatest South Africans to have ever been born. May His Holiness continue to be a symbol of hope and inspiration to us all.

I am indeed thankful that the World President of the Divine Life Society, Swami Vimlananda, is here with us to unveil the Sivananda Peace Pillar. Swami thank you for permitting Ishwar to erect these Pillars in South Africa and assisting him fulfilling his promise to the late Swami Sahajananda and also to continue to serve his Master in his own small way.

We have seen over the years the work of Ishwar during the days of the Late Swami, It is sad to say that his contributions were not acknowledged by certain individuals .We had the priviledge to have been in Richards Bay together with Prince MG Buthelezi to officially open the Ashram which Ishwar was instrument in Building. Today we can be proud that wherever he go my people are always in his mind.

“Our Peace must be based on the understanding of God” There is not a blade of grass in which God is not.

Remember that God is love and love is God, and where love is, there God is.

The simple way of Lord Jesus Christ – to love thy neighbour as thyself;

The compassionate way of Buddha – to respect all life and to be kind and merciful,

The simple yet practical teachings of Swami Sivananda – Serve, Love, Give, Meditate, Realise, Be good and Do good and to see God in all names and forms.

Living in a diverse rainbow nation, with many religions, cultures and rituals, it is imperative that we learn to respect others and their beliefs. We must consider the wide world as our home and all people in it as our brothers and sisters.

We need to remember that charity begins at home, in our communities and in our churches.

It is my fervent wish, that the installation of the Sivananda Peace Pillars across our country will attain its objectives and contribute to the reinforcement of democratic values in our country. Mr.Ishwar Ramlutchman at such a young age have done so much in serving the poorest of the poor during the days of the Swami. Today we feel joy and pride when we see how he has a mind to continue what he learnt from his Master. By his actions of promoting peace and stability in our country clearly indicates that his heart is only for the betterment of our people. “I often say that he is a new model with a high mileage”. We congradulate you as you have been appointed as a member of the trust of the Royal Household and chairman of the 1860 legacy foundation, in Northern KZN .You make us feel proud as we regard you part of our family and the Zulu nation.

During our King Shaka celebrations in Kwa Dukuza I remarked that Ishwar is a Zulu .Once again Ndodana you have our unconditional support in this historic endeavor.

We should pursue reconciliation initiatives. In our democratic order, everyone has a right to belong to political parties of their choice. I trust that izinduna, amakhosi and religious leaders will preach the spirit of tolerance and respect.

In conclusion as we gather here today on this historic occasion, may we be committed to working with each other. May there be tolerance, cooperation & the spirit of ubuntu amongst all of us. May we strive for the best within us and may prosperity and success be upon you at all times.

I end with a quote from the Bible ,

“Teach us , o Lord , to see Thy life in all men and in all creatures of Thine earth and guide our nation through its leaders to preserve Thy peace, that the menace of war be far from our country. Through Christ our Lord”. Amen

…………Thank You……….