With applications requesting the development of such a facility and identification of suitable land since 2003, the uMhlathuze Municipality is currently considering whether an additional facility is needed within the City.

This follows Council’s approval of an elderly care village in Veldenvlei, driven by the South African Women’s Federation Richards Bay, specifically focused on servicing the needs within the whole uMhlatuze area.

To avoid duplication of services, the need for a similar facility in Brackenham is now under the spotlight.

“There has been a huge cry for such a facility and this process started in 2003, “ explained Dawood.

We wrote several letters to the municipality, but at the time there was no suitable land available.

“We identified a piece of land bordering Hedge Hunt and submitted further correspondence. I received a letter earlier this year stating the proposed land is a Public Open Space and if Council considered the donation of the land, the property would have to be rezoned to ‘Institutional’.

It is hoped that the proposed land in Brackenham, which covers 1 2922 ha will in future house a 24-hour, one-stop aged care facility with an on-site clinic.

“Our vision is to ensure every single elderly person in the City of uMhlathuze, subject to availability, knows they can be taken care of even if they don’t have money.

“We want to partner with the Department of Health and Social Welfare so that if anyone needs to be hospitalized, they can be transported to hospital. This must be a community-driven initiative,” added Dawood.

Brackenham residents are now required to offer feedback concerning their specific needs.

“A meeting will be held soon to which the Women’s Federation will be invited. We need to ascertain if we can partner with the organization keeping in line with our vision and whether their facility can accommodate us. We urge residents to come to the meeting and make valuable input.”