The reason for setting up this website is something that I want to attribute to Divine Intervention.

During the middle of July 2010, I began dreaming of men that resembled Indian priests alongside a lake. I naturally put this down to watching too many Indian movies.

I then began to dream of a tall block of stone with some sort of inscription on it. I never could make out the words. This block appeared different when viewed from different sides. This continued over several nights.

I should now state that I began feeling a presence around me – but I have on many occassions before, well everyone does… you know the feeling you get when you think that you are not alone. This was definitely not strange or odd to me – maybe because I was used to this feeling. However this time I could not shake it off. Was I becoming paranoid?

I decided to look into these dreams – just to convince myself that I was still sane. Being a spiritual person – well all Indians are – your mind tends to race during unexplained times.

My first thoughts were Stonehenge in England. Those were the only ‘famous’ stones I knew off. I surfed the web and researched Stonehenge but it just did not feel right. The setting was wrong and there was no ‘indian’ connection.

Now Google is one remarkable search engine, while trying various phrases, I came across the Sivananda Peace Pillar erected in Empangeni by philanthropist Iswhar Ramlutchman. Now I was getting somewhere. The few pictures that were on the net, resembled the stone in my dreams and it had inscriptions on it. There was still however a missing link.

I know began to research Swami Sivananda and his legacy. During this time I found out that he erected the first pillar in Rishikesh India in the 1950’s. The search was now on to find out more information on this pillar. Finally after hours of searching, I managed to get a picture of this pillar. I immediately noticed the difference in colour between the 2 pillars. All this tied in with my dreams -so what? Having found a suitable explanation for my dreams, I dropped the search. The dreams however continued and I was now beginning to lose sleep over it, restlessness. This was definitely a first for me since I am a normally heavy sleeper.

During this time, I was working on the design of a another website and I was in the process of registering this new website, when I began to search for domains related to Swami Sivananda. There was nothing focussing on his pillar. I immediately decided on the spur of the moment (2 weeks of dreams is definitely not a spur of the moment decision) to design a site to honour this. Then and there the site was born.

The story should end there, but it does not. Over the last 3 years, I have been on a real downward spiral. I had reached a stage where I was ‘lost’ and reached a point of ‘no return’. Nothing was going right for me, no matter how hard I was trying, even my ‘never give up attitude’ was taking some serious strain. All my good intentions were being lost and leading me to despair. I was giving up and running away from the ‘light’ instead of towards it.

It was during the research of the website and reading Swami Sivananda’s writings that I took a decision to start putting some of what I was reading into practise. The simplest was to follow his 20 Spiritual Instructions. These simple instructions and continued reading of his material has awakened a deeper understanding for me. I must admit that I am not following all 20 instructions, not yet, but my resolve is to put as much into practise as possible.

I have now found ‘peace and calm’ for the first time in many years. My thoughts are now clearer, my mind is calmer. I am at peace with both myself and this world. To me, these Sivananda Peace Pillars have definitely served its purpose. I will continue to follow the erection of the remaining 7 pillars in South Africa and where-ever else in the world in the hope that my coverage will lead millions to find out more about Swami Sivananda and his teachings. I am sure that there will definitely be many more that can benefit from his teachings and find peace within themselves.

This site is in honour of Swami Sivananda and I welcome any contributions of content from everyone with a similar interest. If you have found ‘peace’ with Swami Sivananda then let me know about your story to inspire others or if you find yourself running away from the light, please contact me and I will definitely try my best to lead you back onto the right path by putting you in touch with people/organisations that can assist you.

The journey of spiritual enlightenment begins with one small step – lets walk together.

My dream explained:

– the Indian priests near the lake actually could refer to the devotees of Swami Sivananda and his ashram on the banks of the Ganges river in India.

– the inscriptions on the stone could refer to the Universal Prayer and inscriptions on the Sivananda Peace Pillars

– the different look of the stone in my dream could refer to the ‘white’ pillar in India and the ‘black’ pillar in South Africa.

– I also later found out that Swami passed on to God on 14 July 1963. My dreams began around this time – no not 1963 but middle of July.

Divine Inspiration – I like to think so, but you decide for yourself…