The African National Congress, Musa Dladla Region, in Partnership with Mr. Ishwar Ramlutchman, officially unveiled the Sivananda Peace Pillar in Esikhawini . The auspicious occasion was honored by the following Dignitaries, The President, Dr. Jacob Zuma, Premier Zweli Mkhize, Chairperson of Musa Dladla Region, Mr. Thulani Mashaba.

The historic monument which includes the 100 years o selfless struggle of the Memorial Arch in recognition of the twelve Presidents and the selfless struggle for freedom by the locals in Musa Dladla region. The monument also includes the Sivananda Peace Pillar which highlights the Unity in Diversity of the ANC.I feel very happy that we could serve the community by installing the Peace Pillar as it embraces all races and religions which is in keeping with the moto of Unity in Diversity.

Quote Ishwar Ramlutchman “The unveiling of the four ton granite pillar which stands at an impressive 3,5 m high and is inscribed with prayers from the world’s major religions, will be an historic event for the country. The pillars in Phoenix and Empangeni respectively, which have been erected already, together with six other proposed for future assembly in various other parts of the country, is a tribute to Swami Sivananda, founder of the Divine Life Society Worldwide and his disciple Swami Sahajananda.
Ramlutchman, added that the Peace Pillars were a source of inspiration. This observation was reiterated by the honorable Nelson Mandela who was presented with a replica peace pillar, in Houghton, Gauteng, for his 92nd birthday. Madiba remarked that the pillars would go a long way in promoting peace in our country. President Jacob Zuma will be honoured with the Peace Pillar Award during this Ceremony for his dedication and commitment in promoting peace in South Africa

Businessman and Philanthropist Ishwar Ramlutchman, made a commitment to the late Swami Sahajananda, his beloved Swamiji, to undertake the installation of eight Sivananda Peace Pillar’s across South Africa. The Sivananda Peace Pillars are a beacon of what ‘unity in diversity’ epitomizes. The first of the eight pillars contains inscriptions from the world’s major religions and is the first in a country wide project. This Pillar demonstrates the universality of all world religions when it comes to promoting peace and harmony in our country.

The Sivananda Peace Pillar will be a source of inspiration. It reminds us that peace and love must transcend our human limitations that are so prevalent in our society today! The four ton granite pillar, 3,5m high, is inscribed with prayers from the world’s major religions, and is erected in honor of Swami Sivananda and the late Swami Sahajananda, who contributed extensively towards community upliftment in our country. It has been given unconditional support from the great leaders of our country and the Sivananda Peace Pillar is part of the Heritage of our Province.